• 2011.06.14

    Top Honer Prize

    Hon. Lester Wolff

    World Peace Prize - Main Prize
    Congressman (8 terms - Democrat) House of Representatives, USA
    Chairman , Asia and Pacific Affairs Subcommitee

  • Journalist, 8-term Congressman of the House of Representative. USA,
    -Trade Commissioner to the Southwest Asia appointed by the 35th President of USA, John F. Kennedy
    -Representative to the OECD appointed by the 36th President of USA, Lyndon B. Johnson
    -Chief of Mission of USA to the 32nd General Assembly of the UN appointed by the 39th President of USA, Jimmy E. Carter
    As Congressman In the House of Representative. USA, Hon. Lester L. Wolff Chaired
    -Foreign Policy Planning
    -Asia and Pacific Affairs
    -Select committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control
    -Chairman of International Trade and Development Agency, Inc
    -Chairman, International Information Agency(IIA)
    -Chairman of Ask Congress TV
    -Chief Judge of World Peace Prize Award Council

    Hon. Lester Wolff

    Former National Congressman

    Honorary Chairman of American Asian Development Association(USA)

    Congressman Lester Wolff served 16 years as a Representative in the Congress of the United States and chaired the prestigious Asia and Pacific Affairs committee. Dr Wolff served as a visiting professor at New York University where he matriculated and received his BCS from 1940-42.

    He began his career as promotion manager of Newhouse newspaper and later became CEO of one of the nation’s leading marketing and public relations agencies .Prior to his entrance into the 89th Congress, in 1962,President John F. Kennedy appointed him to serve on numerous trade mission to the Philippines. Hong Kong and Malaysia.

    During his tenure in the Congress Rep. Dr. Wolff was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson as U.S. Representative to the OECD. In 1977, President Jimmy Carter appointed Rep. Dr. Wolff as deputy chief delegate to the 32nd General Assembly of the United Nations, with the rank of Ambassador.

    Dr. Wolff has received degrees from Long Island Universtiy Hon. Doctor of laws, Hangyang University Hon. Doctor OF letters, Hannam University Hon. Doctor of laws, Inje University Hon.

    Today, in addition to his professional consulting activities, Hon. Lester Wolff is Chairman of the Pacific Community Institute, a non-governmental body of prominent Asian and U.S. personages who are dedicated to the establishment of improved relations among the nations of the Pacific Basin.

    Over the years, Dr. Wolff served the U.S. Congress in a variety of roles:
    Chairman of Foreign Policy Planning;
    Chairman , Asia and Pacific Affairs Subcommitee;
    Ranking member of the Science and Aeronautics Committee;
    Chairman, Select Committee on Narotics Abuse and Control;
    Ranking member, Veterans Affairs Committee and Member, Committee Banking and Currency.

    Dr. Wolff was a key Vice Premier Teng Xiaoping in the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States. He is also credited as being the principal author to the Taiwan Relations Act.

    Congressman Lester Wolff now served as:
    Chairman of International Trade and Development Agency Inc;
    Chairman of International Information Agency Inc;
    Chairman of the Pacific American University and serves on the boards of numerous U.S. Industrial firms.