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  • 1. Directive for selection of the Judges, WPPAC
    2. Directive for WPPAC Home-page Management
    3. Directive for evaluation principles and criteria
    4. Functional descriptions for WPPAC Historian, Administrative Officer, Evaluation Officer, Ceremony Officer, Data-Information Officer, Treasurer Publication Officer, Public Information Officer, Public Relations Officer, Receptionist, Almanac Management Officer, WPPAC to perform duties under the Executive Judge, WPPAC.
    5. The functional structure Map of the WPPAC Officers
    6. WPPAC Volunteer Services Principles
    7. Fund-Raising Management Regulation, WPPAC
    8. Profit Seeking Activity Manual for WPPAC Programs
    9. Regulation for life term services obligation to Faith image missions
    10. Directive for WPPAC Family Semestry Management
    11. Legislation Manual for WPPAC By-Law, Regulations, Manuals and Directives,
    12. Personnel Recruitment Manual for WPPAC Participants
    13. The other WPPAC rules as necessary
    14. The Bulletin for WPPAC News-notice, Advertisement, Goodwill Donations, Contributions and or the Receiving desk for Suggestions, Recommendations and Compliments, etc..