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    The World Peace Prize is the Prize awarded by World Peace Prize Award Council Inc.,(WPPAC) one of three(3) organizations of World Peace Corps Academy and World Peace Corps Mission, to the organization or the person who has contributed to the peace Justices and humanitarian causes for the mankind.


    There have been more than tens(10) different conflicts occurred in the world since the formation of the United Nations in 1945. Among those conflicts about one half of the areas of conflicts were soundly settled in peace and the rest of the places are still having struggles of various type.

    Here we have God called spiritual vigilant soldiers of apostles for preservation of peace that is non other than World Peace Corps Mission which has committed themselves for the peace missions on a self supporting basis.

    The World Peace Corps Mission is a civilian voluntary entity determined to fill up what is lacking, urgently, deeply and peacefully by applying suitable measures to the situation wherein the UN could not reach a supportive hands.