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    In the year of 1961, by the will of Late, John F. Kennedy, 35th President of USA, Dr. Robert L. Leggett, Late Senior Member of House of Representative, USA, prepared the Bill for US Peace Corps Volunteer Services. And was reenlisted as the team Chief to pass the Bill at the House and the Senate, USA.

    World Peace Corps Academy, World Peace Corps Mission and the World Peace Prize Awarding Council Inc.(WPPAC) System was suggested to commence by Dr. Han Min Su, the former Public Information Officer, PACAF, to Hon. Robert L. Leggett, the sixteen(16) years supporter to President. John F. Kennedy USA who was assassinated in 1963 without a complete goal accomplishment of the US peace corps volunteer services and the heavy burden of the formulation of World Peace Corps Mission was left aside to Dr. Robert L. Leggett as he was the man who constituted and formulated the Bill of the US Peace Corps Volunteer Services. While seeking for the counterpart with whom the rest of the World Peace Corps Mission to realize the will of the Late President John f. Kennedy, Dr. Robert L. Leggett met Dr. Han Min Su at the inauguration ceremony of H.E. President. Ronald Reagan in 1981, where whose relations has been developed to the mutual respects, and Dr. Robert L. Leggett decided to start and finalize the World Peace Corps Mission with Dr. Han Min Su which was left by Late President. John F. Kennedy to him by reforming the Korean Jerusalem Project Council Inc.(KJPC) then already was incorporated with Washington D.C. government, USA as a non-profit institution of the Tax exempt privilege.

    After a long preliminary preparations for the World Peace Corps Movement explaining to Dr. Han Min Su on the spirits and the principles of it for about ten(10) years, Dr. Robert L. Leggett and Dr. Han Min Su finally have co-founded three(3) organizations of World Peace Corps Academy, World Peace Corps Mission, World Peace Prize Awarding Council Inc., of the trinity functional relations just trans registering from KJPC with US government in Washington D.C. on November 22, 1989 and have commenced the World Peace Corps Mission which has been certified by the government of Washington D.C. as Good Standing Status for twenty two(22) consecutive years to March 10th, 2010. And Dr. Suzi P. Leggett, wife of Dr. Robert L. Leggett, has given a full support in founding the corporations.(Refer to the transformed Registration Certificate on Next Page)