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  • The basic principles of the World Peace Corps Mission.

    There have been thirty one (31) different conflicts occurred in the world since the formation of the United Nations in 1945 wherein, at each time the UN troops were dispatched to settle the order. Despite the facts that many lives, funds and the time were given, the peace settlements were insufficient. Among the tens(10) areas of conflict, approximately one half(1/2) places were sounded settled in peace and one half(1/2) places are still having struggles of various type.

    It seems to be some mistakes are committed in methodology of UN peace preservation tactics which indicates that UN needs to renew the current policy or the NGO should volunteer to support the UN in order for the UN to be better facilitated to monitor the human rights, religious freedom and humanitarian services for the mankind.

    Here we have God called spiritual apostles - vigilant soldiers for preservation of peace Justices and mercy causes in support of UN that is non other than the World Peace Corps which has committed themselves for the peace missions on self supporting basis.

    The World Peace Corps is to encourage the UN policy by goodwill of time and efforts providing a professional supports to fill up what is lacking, rapidly, deeply, and peacefully by applying suitable measures to the situations.

    The measures of the World Peace Corps is that of religion, ideology and the racial traditions to support World Community of turmoil and crisis with full of respect avoiding any agitations or disruption.

    The World Peace Corps is only using prescriptions of psychology, mentality, ideology and the customs in civilization, rather than by means of force.

    There are millions of soul trained in world major religious groups including the citizens of Republic of Korea who have acquired the measures for the said situations.

    In the traditional belief of the creator, Almightiness and ROK are the descendants of Heavenly Father with born religious soul and had been pursuing peaceful lives observing and believing in the different religions.

    Being so born and trained, especially the Koreans are talented for comforting any souls as accustomed to them that qualify as the religious consultants as well as soul healings practises for many different religion which in a strict sense is the solver of the conflicts and disputes in religion and cultures.

    On this occasion of the World Peace Corps Mission Inauguration, outbreaking the five thousands (5,000) years of silent predicaments, the Koreans are reminded of their role of world peace with the consolidated internal unity in the traditional national spirits of Altruism(��������) and Peace World Construction(����ͣ����).

    We are proclaiming to serve as apostle for peace in the regional conflicts through our own religious channel on the name of World Peace Corps Mission as we believe it is the calling of our Lord. We should expect and trust that UN authority will give us a big hands with full of supports as we shall be conducting such services in accordance with the directives and the policy of the United Nations under any circumstances.